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Saturday, March 7, 2009

New Ideas

Ever since I made the Flame Oxidized Flame pendant the other day, I've been having visions of maple leaves, oak leaves, tribal art... all kinds of things! I drew the template for the leaves and cut them out of 20 gauge copper. I haven't flame oxidized them yet, but I love how the shapes have turned out. The only thing is- sawing through the thicker metal around all those tight curves makes my shoulders and neck ache! I tried having Dave stand behind me, rubbing my neck while I did it- but he got sick of that fast! I use an 0/2 blade on a standard jewelers saw, and I have my bench pin a little below eye level- should I try something different? Hopefully some of my fellow-jewelers out there could suggest something.

I love making jewelry and working from home, but sometimes it's just as frustrating as working in an office! I try to delegate housework but it usually doesn't get done until I get mad. I don't like getting mad, though. Maybe I'll go stand in front of the mirror for awhile before everyone wakes up and practice my mean face. I'll just pretend to be mad. "I'd like to thank the Academy!"

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  1. very funny! my family wishes i would just practice my mad face in the mirror instead of making it at them!


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