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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have neglected the blog-reading public the last few days! What was I thinking?

Apparently I was thinking work, work, work! I had a few days where I didn't get many orders. I took that opportunity to be creative making things I wanted to make- it worked out well! I made a chunky, antiqued, renaissance-inspired necklace with a large zebra marble cabochon. I was really happy with how that one turned out. I also decided I'm going to start a line of Unisex rings. The first one I made Dave claimed. At least I got a chance to photograph and list it first!

I went to a friends pampered chef party last night. That was really fun. I bought a lemonade pitcher for me and a grill press for Dave. He already has one, but informed me prior to the party that "The Grill Sargeant needs more than One!" While I was at the party I managed to sell 3 pairs of earrings and book a jewelry party. So not only did I buy some cool cooking stuff, but I made money too! Can't beat that!

Today I had an interview with the Editor of a local Newspaper. She was adorable AND thorough. I can't wait to see the article she writes about Riverside Jewelry Designs. Exciting!

I also updated http://www.riversidejewelrydesigns.com/. FINALLY! It's been so long since I've paid any attention to that site. I had old stuff listed that I'm not even proud to call my own anymore. So I took it down. It's amazing how much you grow as an artist in just a couple years! I remembered making some of these things and being so impressed with myself. When I was looking through it today I was shocked! Creative growth is fun!

Tomorrow I have to make a TON of jewelry parts for custom orders, 2 sets of stacking rings, and a Eudialite ring. It's exciting being busy, but I need to get out more! We'll see!

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